Bass Hang | Nick Campbell


28 October 2021

1 hr 41 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

This week I'm chatting to Los Angeles native, electric bass player, Nick Campbell who is reinventing the jazz genre for this generation. Flipping traditional conventions on their head, Nick’s unique penchant for superimposing triadic patterns over static harmony has brought a modern twist to “getting modal,” creating a distinctive yet eccentric sound of his own.

Mirroring the musical inclusivity of his work, Nick has taken the stage with music artists of all genres. From traditional jazz bands to pop music sensations, he can be seen performing with Pomplamoose, Scary Pockets, Charlie Puth, Vulfpeck, Meghan Trainor, Raquel Rodriguez, Nigel Hall, Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Michael Mayo and Moonchild (to name a few) and composing original music with bands such as Shrek Is Love and Bear Attack.

His debut album "Art" will be out in 2022...ive heard it and its awesome so make sure to check that out
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