Bass Educators | Jeff Berlin


2 June 2021

1 hr 38 mins 24 secs

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This week I'm sitting down to chat with one of the legends of our instrument, Jeff Berlin. An outspoken Bass educator Jeff has played with everyone and is hitting a particularly creative batch right now with his new Sight Reading book for beginners and the upcoming release of his All Star tribute to Jack Bruce.  I hope you enjoy this episode. When it comes to the bass world I always try to add to the conversation not feed the noise.  Please donate to Jeff's Go Fund me if you can afford it. All links are below 

Bio :
For over 40 years, he has stood as one of the most innovative electric bassists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Known for his one-of-a-kind tone, jaw dropping technique and highly advanced harmonic approaches to the bass, Jeff has been one of the major figures in firmly establishing the electric bass as a solo instrument well deserving of its own distinct place in modern music.

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