Content Creators | Jake Gerba


16 June 2021

1 hr 14 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

This week I'm chatting to Jake Gerba a fantastic funk bass player who is known for his viral videos and as Jason Momoa's ( Aquaman) bass tutor. We chat about his bass beginning, going viral, making content for brands and his excellent debut album Milky Way Moon Juice.

Jake Gerba is a bassist from western Pennsylvania that has made a name for himself on social media through his entertaining and energetic videos. He began playing the bass at age 13 and soon started to play at his local church where he learned to develop his skills. Now with a worldwide online audience, he continues to showcase his funk bass playing inspired by the likes of Louis Johnson, Bernard Edwards, Bootsy Collins, and Flea. Jake has also produced and recorded a solo album, made an appearance at NAMM, worked with various big name companies within the music industry, and even jammed with actor and fellow bass enthusiast Jason Momoa. No matter what he’s doing, Jake’s mission remains the same: to uplift people through the power and joy of music.

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